January 30, 2018

Dude, should we all be witches?!

Dude, should we all become witches in 2018? Yes, right?

Lately, I’ve been feeling like all the fierce women who are calling their elected representatives, reading books, organizing their communities, being outspoken and not worrying if they’re still likable, and figuring out how to wear cropped wide legged pants and not looking self conscious about it are actually just forming this unstoppable coven that will lead the revolution, and I want in!

Proof: I texted this to a group of girlfriends, and one super dope friend said “Being a witch is literally one of my new years’ resolutions.”

This is so a thing. It’s already been in the New York Times as a trend piece. Get in on the coven now, and lead us forward!

Oh also, I’m super into accepting men as warlock allies if they are supporting the revolution alongside us.

Here’s some witch inspiration (witchspo) pics.

January 26, 2018

Is Daniel Tiger's dad a serial killer? We debate.

One of my friends said that Daniel Tiger’s dad is a serial killer (based solely on his voice), which I thought was hilarious and also totally plausible. Below is an imagined op-ed section where two local people earnestly argue if Daniel’s dad is or isn’t a serial killer. Are you still with me? Yay!

Daniel Tiger's dad is a serial killer
:: This is the face he makes before murder ::

Daniel Tiger’s dad is a serial killer. I will outline my case to you in three main points.

This is obvious mostly because of his breathy, soothing voice, and the way he always keeps exceptionally calm, except for that one time when Daniel and Miss Elena were playing at the beach and went into the water without an adult, and he got mad in a quiet rage way where you just know that’s exactly how he gets right before he methodically murders women who live alone from neighborhoods about an hour’s trolley ride outside of the neighborhood.

Daniel Tiger’s Dad wears the same blue zip up sweater every day. You know who wears zip up sweaters? Serial killers, and select people over the age of 75. You might say, “Relax - it’s probably something he borrowed from Grandpere, found it comfortable and kept wearing it. Don’t read too much into it. Remember, the kids wear the same thing every day.” But here’s the thing - they’re kids. My kid wants to wear the same shirt and leggings every day, but she’s 2 so I allow it most of the time. You might say, “Yeah, but Mrs. Tiger wears the same thing every day.” Exactly. She wears the same thing every day because he controls all the family’s money and doesn’t let her have any spending money to get a new tunic and pants. That’s exactly the kind of controlling thing a serial killer psychopath does.

Have you ever noticed that whenever an episode features Chime Time, it corresponds with a missing person’s report from another neighborhood? That’s because instead of taking small mementos from his victims as trophies, he celebrates by launching Chime Time in the town and tricking everyone into thinking Chime Time is wholesome fun and not a gruesome celebration of random violence. He is disgusting and should be put in prison.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this thought. Here’s a sentence you’ll never hear: “That guy who worked at the clock store is a serial killer? I don’t believe it.” I rest my case.

Daniel Tiger's dad is not a serial killer
:: This is an involved dad. The camera is not for creep photos ::

Daniel Tiger’s dad is not a serial killer, and accusing him of being one because he has a calm voice and is a great, in control parent is sexist. Of course men and fathers can be balanced, thoughtful, even-keeled parents!

Also, it might help to know that Daniel Tiger’s dad wasn’t always so calm. In his teens and twenties he had a lot of anger issues, and through a lot of therapy and the support of Mrs. Tiger, he’s been able to come to terms with his dad’s absence in his childhood, even leading to him reaccepting him into their family’s life. So when you see an “always calm voiced psycho,” I see someone who’s done a lot of work on himself.

We should choose to celebrate Daniel Tiger’s dad, not vilify him. He makes everything fun and plays fun guessing games with Daniel while they run errands. Have you run errands with a kid that age and a baby? It’s exhausting and not fun! Mr. Tiger is a hero! And even though he works full time at the clock factory, he makes sure that he shares home management and parenting responsibilities with Mrs. Tiger because he knows that staying home and running the family is even harder than working at the clock factory. He’s a role model, He not a serial killer.

My opponents will dismiss this evidence and rely heavily on the fact that he “has a weird voice.” David Beckham has a weird voice, and we all still like him a lot and never accuse him of being a serial killer. Shouldn’t we extend Mr. Tiger the same courtesy?

January 25, 2018

Best birthday gift for little kids

I have a favorite go-to gift for little kids (2-5 years old) that's $12-$20 and bound to please.

A book plus one of these weird chapstick things! They're about $4.00-$5.50 each, but if you buy a multipack on Amazon, you'd can find them for about $4.00. Kids go insane for these things. I got my 2 year old to behave on an entire flight simply by letting her know they I had the power to both giveth and taketh away this "yip stick".
Ok ok now can we talk about books?! Here are some of my favorites lately, along with what kind of parent will most love them. (Because come on. The marshmallow flavored Minnie chapstick is for the birthday child. The book is to delight the parent.)

For: The parent who values illustrations that could be framed one the wall in any hip home. Also, this book is funny(ish) (kind of twee/whimsical, but for real good!) and really short to read!

For: The parent who loves reading classic literature. The old fashioned storybook rhythms and language in this book epitomize the romanticized notion of reading a book to a sleepy child at bedtime. The illustrations are sweet too.

For: The parent who loves goofing off while reading aloud. This book is legitimately super fun to read, even after the 50th time. 

For: The parent who calls their elected representatives on the reg and has a google news alert for all things Sasha and Malia. Honestly, a kid on the younger end will not find this to be a super engaging read, but you will. And as the literate one, you ought to have a say in this too!

For: The parent whose kid is going through a big princess phase, and it's killing the parent's soul a little bit but they know the best thing to do is roll with it ughhhhhh. ("Do princesses wear hiking boots? When they wish to take the scenic routes!" The message is right on.)

For: The parent who wants a good message, a super short book, and a bedtime choice that will also please the younger sibling. Done, done, and done.

January 21, 2018

Daniel Tiger's Snowflake Day: Key observations after my 100th viewing

I know it’s January, but I’m still seeing Daniel Tiger’s “Snowflake Day” episode on a regular basis, and I’ve seen it enough times that I have a few observations I feel compelled to share.

  • First of all, this episode is really great, right? The music is 1000x better than any other episode (equal, maybe, to Margaret’s birth, which is also pretty amazing). Did they hire someone better, or did the regular music person realize they were making something special and decide to step it up? The changes in the intro/outro song are so good - love the classic 1950s Christmas style chipper vibrato and mother f-ing SLEIGH BELLS. (There may be a very google-able answer to this question, but I prefer to live in the wonder of my ignorance.)
  • When Daniel’s mom started talking about snowflakes, I tricked my notoriously hard to trick husband into believing that in another episode, we learned that Daniel’s mom was a meteorologist before she decided to be a SAHM. This makes me proud every time we get to that part.
  • When they arrive at the enchanted garden, and Daniel’s dad says “I’m going to see if King Friday needs any help,” it 100% sounds like they are meeting up to smoke weed behind the scenery. Um, he’s the king. I’m sure his only job at Snowflake Day is to make a r-r-r-r-royal decree that’s Snowflake Day. I just hope Music Man Stan and Uncle X (bless your heart, Uncle X) also got the invite.
  • Katerina Kitty Cat is legit good in the play for a preschooler. “Meow meow, ANOTHER present?” Perfection. (Purr-fection?) But also, why am I surprised? She’s always been theatrically gifted.

I get genuinely frustrated when Daniel freaks out and then am genuinely proud of him for pulling it together and problem solving with the lantern solution to the blackout. Guys, he really pulled it together!!!

That’s all. Oh, and, for those who celebrate it: Happy Snowflake Day!

August 15, 2013

New Favorite Band: Haim

Have you heard Haim's awesome songs floating around lately? I'm completely obsessed. Their singles have been out since last fall, and their debut album is coming out September 30. I can hardly wait!

Haim (rhymes with "time") are three sisters from the valley. I think they sound like Phoenix + Fleetwood Mac + a little bit of Destiny's Child. So... yeah, amazing.

I don't know which of these songs I like better....

August 13, 2013

Cute new line at Macy's - Maison Jules

Guys. It's been a minute. Yeesh.

A lot happened in the last 6 months. For example, my computer broke (it's fixed), we sold our condo, I ran the LA marathon (which I meant to post about because there are actually some pictures of me where I look sort of... refreshed and cute?!), went on a couple of trips, went to a few weddings, lived in a temporary house, bought a house, I made some excruciating decisions about purchasing furniture... you get it. Oh, and lately I've been in a weird phase where I just want to eat Cheez-its all the time. Whatever. A lot happened.

But I'm back, because I really want to tell you about the cutest new line at Macy's I stumbled upon.

I was up in the bay area visiting friends and family, and I was hoping to squeeze in a mother-daughter shopping trip. My mom suggested we check out Macy's because they had one of their extra 20% off coupon thing they always have going on. I'm not really into Macy's because... I just don't get it. Like, on the one hand, it's a department store, and they have all sorts of normal stuff. Sure. But on the other hand, so many Macy's I'm exposed to are just... tired. They seem ragged. Like, the tile is so... travertine gone late 80s mall and it seems like everything is a Petites department. But the Walnut Creek one is pretty nice.

Good thing we did because they have the cutest new line, guys! Maison Jules (trust me - I know the website isn't very attractive, but the clothes are) is this cutie patootie French inspired line that's at a totally moderate price point (The most expensive thing is a dress for $79. Also, 20% coupons!). It's like if Anthropologie and Comptoir des Cotonniers had a value priced child.

Here are some of their cute things*:

* The styling is a little "juniors department", but the pieces look sophisticated in person.

Oh, and just so you know I'm not crazy, some "cool" outlets took notice too! (ElleRefinery29Teen Vogue)